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So... what is an online media guy?

We are the people that live, breathe, eat and sleep online marketing and media. We are the experts in this emerging field cluttered with multiple media choices. We are for digital media.

Traditional media has been around for ages, and they’ve all been pretty much the same since its creation. The web is a dynamic medium and changes on an almost daily basis as it evolves. Not everyone truly understands the power and reach the web has to his or her target audience. You want someone that has the experience and savvy to know where your target audience is, and how best to effectively reach them!

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An online media guy will make sense of all of this all for you.

We will help you realize the effectiveness of the online medium to your desired Return on Investment. We have worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. Client side direct, or working through an agency or production house, we can work in whatever situation you want us to. We’re here to help!

Paul Schuman - Founder

Paul Schuman
President / Founder

Paul has been working in interactive marketing and media at several of the premier web development and advertising agencies in the Milwaukee area. He has held roles ranging from Interactive Account Executive/New Media Buyer at Trisept Solutions, Online Media Manager at Laughlin/Constable and Director of Online Media at bvk/Respond360.

Formed in 2005, online media guy services agency and client-direct accounts, both locally and nationally, providing in-depth solutions for interactive marketing needs through detailed planning and plan management. His clients range from a wide variety of consumer products to banking to travel.

online media guy specializes in full-service online marketing and media capabilities to support objectives from product branding and promotions, to database acquisition, and driving eCommerce transactions. Paul is a staunch advocate for the benefits of online media, and believes it should play a role in any comprehensive marketing plan. He relies on the singularly precise measurability of the medium to meet client objectives and expectations.

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