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Why Online Marketing?

Plan, Buy, Manage, Report

There are four digital/online media service components that make up our core abilities.

(Strategy, Research, Plan Preparation, Presentation)

From the start, any successful campaign must have a solid foundation in its strategy and planning in order to work. online media guy will find your target audience online and provide you with the best solution to reach your end goal. You will be provided with a professional presentation document (PPT or Word) for use with your client or management team. Worried you may not be the best at speaking to this medium in the presentation? Don’t worry, online media guy can present on your behalf. We’re used to working with mid to upper level management: directors, VP’s and CEO’s.

(Negotiating, Contracts, Creative Consulting, Trafficking, Ad Server Set-Up)

OK, the plan is approved, now how to get it done? online media guy will hammer out all of the details and get the best rates and inclusions possible to ensure a successful online marketing campaign. We can provide creative consulting and work with your design team to recommend the best copy along with look and feel to provide solicit your target to respond. Once creative is complete, we will traffic to the publisher or provide the full set-up within a 3 rd party ad server and tracking system, which we can recommend as well to fit your needs. This is part of the online media guy full service solution.

Campaign Management
(Tracking, Monitoring, Optimize, Update)

Just because your online marketing campaign is live doesn’t mean we walk away and let it run on autopilot. online media guy will continually monitor the campaign to make sure publishers are delivering on the placements and impression level commitments. We will recommend optimization strategy based on running results and implement them; all to help boost the campaigns ROI performance. Depending upon the marketing campaigns size and length of flight, we can report to you daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly base on your desired level of service.

(Final Analysis, Recommendations, Presentation Report)

The online marketing campaign has been served, the budget has been spent and now what? online media guy will provided you in depth reports detailing insights into the campaign performance and ROI metrics. Not only will you see what worked, we’ll show you what didn’t. We’re not going to hide that from you. Online marketing is performance based, and as such, we want you to learn from this so we can be more successful in the next round of advertising. Reports will be provided in a professional format (PPT or Word), fully highlighting all campaign metrics. Again, online media guy will be more than happy to present the findings to your client or upper management if you feel that is helpful.

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